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October 8, 1968  -  December 1, 2016

Seneuefa Seu Tafulu, 48, was born on October 8, 1968 to Fea Sosefina Launiu Tafulu and Taufaasee Kose Tafulu in Masefau, American Samoa. At the age of 2, Wefa's father relocated their family to San Francisco, CA then shortly moved to San Diego, CA. She spent the majority of her life there in San Diego.

Wefa was the third of five children. She attended school at ECC and    graduated in 1987. In August 1991, Wefa welcomed her first child into the world, a daughter, Sabrina. Later in 1992, Wefa met Liuga and they were united in marriage on January 4, 1994. Thereafter in July 1994, they     welcomed their first child together into the world, another daughter,      Tepora. In August 1994, Wefa and her husband decided to relocate their family to Kansas City, MO.

Wefa worked in property management for 11 years until she had welcomed her third child in June 2005, a son , Noah. For five years, she had adjusted her lifestyle to be a stay at home mom. In 2010 as Noah started his first year of school, Wefa returned to work but this time in housekeeping for senior citizen assistant living. For five years, she loved and enjoyed her job as much as she did the relationships she built with her residents. Over the years, Wefa had the chance to take part in the Nazarene Missions International Board, PrimeTimers Ministry, and the Independence Ethnic Council.

"I'm a mother of three. They are my reasons." Wefa wanted nothing but the best for her children. The best she could show and be for them was to live her own life to the fullest. Free-spirited and vibrant is who Wefa truly lived to be. She was never afraid to be the odd one out. As freely as she lived, she carried a heart of compassion. Little did she know, Wefa has touched and impacted many lives. Her relationships with a wide variety of family and friends is what she truly valued. Along with it, she had countless stories and memories she always loved sharing with such a huge smile.

October 8th, 2015 Wefa's health took an unexpected turn for the worse that she was not prepared for. She was diagnosed with Blood Clots, Type 2   Diabetes and Congested Heart Failure. With the love and help of her three children, church family, many family and friends, Wefa was able to successfully recover. In less than a year, Wefa fought to better both her health and her lifestlye. She had happily gone back into working her     original profession and began spending all the time she could with her youngest son. Wefa felt more alive, empowered, and free again.

December 1st, 2016 Wefa peacefully departed this life. She is survived by her husband, Liuga Vai, and her three children she called her " reasons", Sabrina Fea Brown, Tepora Sosefina Vai, and Tenari Noah Vai. Wefa is also survived by her sister, Sandy Tafulu, and brother, James Tafulu along with many loved ones, near and far.

Services will be Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at Southwood Church of the Nazarene, 8201 Raytown Road, Raytown, Missouri. Visitation 9-10 a.m. Burial Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery, Raytown, MO. Arrangements by Golden Gate Funeral & Cremation Services, LLC.


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